Antibiotic replacement product- CRVAB VPTM series were launched at Fuzhou forum


In the context of growing concerns with sub-therapeutic use of antibiotic growth promoter, the need for feed antibiotic products and technology were in great demand. To ensure animal health and feed safety, we are happy to announce our newly developed probiotic products-VPTM series were ceremoniously launched by CRVAB Bio. Group at Fuzhou "Sunbird, forum of antibiotic Animal Husbandry" and "the fourth animal nutrition and health care summit (Yiheforum)", which were being promoted as a substitute for AGP.


                                               -- The data comes from customer farm in Guangdong, 2016

VPTM Series are specially designed according to animals at different growth stages, health status and intestinal microflora characteristics, the product was adopted by the unique OCM technique-compatibility of preferred orientation compatibility, to screen beneficial microbes of excellent performance, which could play a special physiological activity in collaborative way, help to inhibit and disinfect antibacteria, replace antibiotics, boost health husbandry, and ensure food safety.