Glucose Oxidase


Glucose Oxidase

Product Description:

This product is white or light yellow powder

Product Specification:

500U/g and 1,000 U/g


Glucose oxidase is an aerobic dehydrogenase, which is soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvent, with stable enzyme activity. It can catalyze intestinal glucose degrade to produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide under the condition of oxygen consumption. With the removal of intestinal oxygen and the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide concentration, the growth of harmful bacteria is prevented, the intestinal epithelia integrity is protected, the invasion of coccidia and pathogenic bacteria is prevented. Glucose acid that is produced play a role of acidifier in the intestine, which creates acidic environment, reduces intestinal diseases and promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Product Efficacy:

1. To prevent pathogenic bacteria, keep the balance of intestinal flora, improveimmunity.

2. To keep the intestinal epithelia integrated, restrain coccidia and pathogen invade.

3. To improve gastrointestinal acidic environment, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4. To prevent various molds, prevent and mitigate toxin poisoning.

5. To improve feces, reduce the smell gas concentration of the barn, improve the environment.


80-100 g/ton evenly mixed with feed.

Shelf Life:

At 25 , solid enzyme can be stored for 12 months, the enzyme activity will not be lower than the product labeling activity within the shelf life; Below 4 , it can be stored for longer time.

Storage Conditions:

It is recommended to be stored in the dry and cool environment, keep from sun and rain, strictly no toxic and harmful substances mixed.