Product Description:

This product is yellow powder

Product Specification:

10,000 U/g

Definition: In the condition of 37 and pH 5.5, what 1μmol reducing sugar that is released by degradation of sodium β – glucanase solution with concentration of 4 mg/mL required enzyme amount is an activity unit .

Mechanism: β – glucanase is an incision enzyme, exclusively affect on1,3 and 1,4 glycosidic bond in β–glucanase, and produce 3-5 oligosaccharides and glucose with glucose as unit, which is made of excellent strains through liquid fermentation. This product can effectively decompose β–glucanase in wheat and cereal endosperm cell walls, in feed it can be used to reduce the content of non starch polysaccharides (NSP) and anti-nutritional factors, and improve the nutrients absorption of livestock and poultry, increase the animal growth rate and FCR

Product Efficacy:

1. To reduce the content of non starch polysaccharides (NSP) and anti-nutritional factors.

2. To lower viscosity of chyme, improve the utilization rate of feed.

3. To damage the plant cell wall, release other intracellular nutrients.

4. To degrade glucanase to produce oligosaccharide, promote the animal intestinal bacteria growth.

Usage: According to the application effect, 100 - 200 g/ton evenly mixed with feed.

Shelf Life: After 6 months storage, enzyme activity will be higher than the labeling enzyme activity for 95%.

Storage Conditions: It is recommended to be stored in the dry and cool environment, keep from sun and rain, strictly no toxic and harmful substances mixed.