Compound Probiotics


Product: Compound Probiotics
Brand Name: Vapro
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Packaging: 25 Kg/Bag
Shelf Life: 12 Months

Living Beneficial Bacteria≥ 2 Billion CFU/g

1. To keep balance of gut flora, effectively prevent piglets from diarrhea, and to have a low death rate and a high survival rate.
2. To improve palatability of feed, increase feed intake, speed up swines growth.
3. To enhance milk secretion and feed intake of sow after giving birth, increase birth weight of piglets, decrease number of weak piglets.
4. To improve internal environment, prevent from constipation, raise estrus ratio of sow after giving birth.
5. To secrete various kinds of digestive enzymes, vitamins and growth promoters, supplement endogenous enzymes, enhance digestion and absorption of nutritious substances, raise feed conversion ratio (FCR), and cut down the cost of breeding.
6. To strength immune system of cells and body fluid, effectively enhance the resistance against viruses and stress, prevent from Mastitis-Metritis-Agalactia Syndrome (MMA).
7. To lessen concentration of harmful gases like ammonia, perfect breeding environment, and keep respiratory disease from occurring.

Swine Type
Poultry Type
Ruminants Type
Aquatics Type

1. Mix this product with other feedstuff elements (For Feed Factory).
2. Mix this product with feedstuff itself directly (For Farmer).

1. 1000-2000 gram / tonne (Feed) For Suckling Pigs and Piglets.
2. 500 gram / tonne (Feed) For Growing Fattening Pigs and Sows.