Lactic Acid Bacteria


Product: Lactic Acid Bacteria

Brand Name: Vapro
Appearance: Yellowish
Packaging: 20 kg/ bag
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Content:Living Beneficial Bacteria ≥ 2 Billion CFU/g

Reduce the antibiotics( for animal feedstuffs) dosage or replace it: Adjust the animal inner intestinal environment, enhance the resistance for pathogenic microorganism, which achieves the goal of less medicine or non medicine, healthy breeding and safe food.

2. Reduce the diarrhea and death of the youth: The young animal and poultry intestine development is improved significantly, disease like dysentery and diarrhea can be prevented and cured, and death and elimination rate is reduced.

3. Reduce overfeed: Overfeed caused by enteritis or coccidium can be greatly lowered, the FCR can be increased and so can feed quality.

4. Lessen Ammonia Smell: Lessen ammonia smell of the feces and reduce the excretion of ammonia, which improves the environment and lessens stress and disease.

5. Increase the Feed Taken: Obviously enhance the animal feed taken, color and growing, which reaches the advanced slaughter.

6. Enhance the Product Quality: There is great improvement on the laying rate, eggshell color and hardness, and the product quality can be massively promoted.

7. Increase the Immunity: Enhance the non-specificity immune response significantly, increase animal premunition and vaccine efficiency.

8. Improve the economic performance: Animal productivity can be promoted for 3%~5%, which means that less feed cost and remarkable economic performance.

This Product is applied for swine & poultry, and for many other kinds of feedstuffs, it’s available for feed-pelleting process.


1. It cannot be stored under high temperature and moisture for long time.

2. Please use up as soon as possible once it’s opened, or seal it tightly after use each time.